My name is Jabari C Jefferson, and I am a mixed media figurative painter. 

I paint staged emotions by creating tension between the figure and environment. The body language of the subjects are also an integral part of the narrative.

Most of my works take place inside an interior to represent the inside of the conscious, creating a space for my subjects to feel safe enough to exist vulnerably and raw. 

Mystery and exploration is what fuel my practice.



My works are metaphors for inner growth and the exchange of both information and knowledge. Environment, body language, and emotion are an integral part of the narrative I call, The Library Series. As a son of a librarian, books have been an inspirational component of my life. For me, books are the tools of enlightenment.  Including my oil paintings, this body of work utilizes the pages of literature that I transform through a destructive revitalization; giving the material a new purpose and new communication.This series focuses on the development of growth and wisdom in relationship to the depicted figure. 





BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduate, with degree focusing in Painting, Film Directing and Art Administration 



Words Beats & Life Murals Competition -Summer 2015


International  Center for the Arts Painting Residency in Monte Castello, Italy - Summer 2016

International Group Art Show in Monte Castello, Italy- Summer 2016

Produced, curated and stared in “Art Wanted Show” art show; Throop Studios Chicago -Spring 2016 

Chicago International Hostel Mural Arts Competition (2nd place winner) - 2016

Chicago Nippon Steele Company Winter-Spring Art show Selected Candidate  - 2015 - 2016


Chicago Sullivan Gallery BFA show - Spring 2017


 Greenwood Art Center Group Show, SouthCarolina-Winter 2018

 Pepco Edison Place Gallery BADC Group Show,                                                              Washington DC- Winter 2018

Anacostia Art Center Black Love Experience Group Show                               Washington DC- Spring 2018

Art Barns Big Bold & Beautiful Group Show                                                               Gaithersburg Maryland - Summer 2018

Artist Makers & Studios  BADC Group Show                                                               Rockville Maryland- Summer 2018

Artist Makers & Studios This Place Solo Show     

Rockville Maryland - Summer 2018